(8x8) Rodrigo's Pack

Cartoon texture pack with radiant colors,

with a brighter and colorful palette tones.


Last update: v23.8 (December 14, 2019)

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Thanks so much to Onehandguy & Walkey for support all my work donating on the last month ❤️

I've been constantly working and updating this texture pack since 2016, If you liked it please consider donating to support all my work!

Help Guide

If you're having troubles downloading the texture pack or without knowledge about how to install it

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Know more about this work and everything what

I do, also get more close into this community


Extra stuff made with the same thematic of the pack, like themes, more connected textures, etc

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Tags: minecraft texture pack 8x8 survival optifine no lag simplistic cartoon pixels custom sound clean smooth performance minimalist 2019 1.14 1.8