OptiFine settings

Get a better looking for Rodrigo's Pack when using OptiFine, with basic and extra settings

Options > Video Settings

Smooth Lighting: Maximum, 100% *

Bright: from 0 to 50%

Video Settings > Details

Trees: Fancy

Sky: On *

Fog: On *

Alternate Blocks: Off *

Biome Blend: at 7x7 or more *

Fog Start: 0.8 (for chunks at 4 and lower)

Fog Start: 0.6 (for chunks at 6)

Fog Start: 0.4 (for chunks at 8)

Fog Start: 0.2 (for chunks at 10 or more)

Video Settings > Quality

Mipmap Levels: from 0 to 3 *

Clear Water: On (for 1.12 and older)

Better Grass: Fast

Connected Textures: Fancy *

Custom Sky: On *

Custom Colors: On *

Custom Items: On (for 1.14 and newer) *

Mipmap: 0 (for chunks at 2)

Mipmap: 1 (for chunks at 4)

Mipmap: 2 (for chunks at 6)

Mipmap: 3 (for chunks at 8 or more)

Mipmap: 4 (will make the leaves look broken, do not enable)

  • The features marked with a blue asterisk (*) are the recomendable setting to get the better visuals and approach the most all the features
  • The features marked with a red asterisk (*) are required to follow them correctly. Disabling or enabling them may broke others or even the same feature