Frequently asked questions for Rodrigo's Pack

Will be the texture pack available for Bedrock edition?

No, Rodrigo's Pack it's from Java edition and contains a lot of features that do not work on Minecraft Bedrock edition (such as custom block models, custom colormap), also contain extra features from OptiFine which makes it look a lot better (such as custom lightmap color, custom loading screen, custom connected textures, etc). Porting the texture pack to Bedrock It's technically possible, but the result won't be the expected, noticing a lose on the quality and features, basically making it look ugly to be enjoyable

Will be the texture pack available for X Java version?

I'm trying to make it always available for the latest Minecraft Java versions, but it requires time. Please do not punish me asking every time ''when done?''


Meanwhile, for older versions (like 1.7.4, 1.6.2, 1.5.2), there won't be support, they are really outdated versions which only a minimum amount of users keep playing at this day, also they have a different format from the actual versions, making it difficult to support them

Is the texture pack available for X version?

The texture pack It's currently available from 1.16 to 1.8 Minecraft versions. There are some versions that, even if they are available to be downloaded, they are outdated and discontinued so they won't look as good as the updated ones. You can use the main versions of the texture pack (like Rodrigo's Pack for 1.8) for minor main versions (like Minecraft 1.8.3)

Does the texture pack improves performance? It increase the FPS? Full fps 8x8 pack no lag 2048 4K edition?

Definitely no, but it won't decrease your performance either. Where 32x32 texture packs requires more GPU to render those high size files, with 8x8 textures the game will just render a half part of the original textures size, basically giving to you the same game performance as playing with vanilla


Just in some circumstances it will help you with performance to keeping it well and not lagging, like when rains

The fire animation cover all my screen! Could you fix it?

You can try the Better PvP add-on which makes the fire animation be lower and also adds other improvements for PvP users. Before, Rodrigo's Pack used to be a PvP texture pack, but my knowledge and skills to edit were improving while I was editing it, so I decided to turn it a survival texture pack so I needed to make the fire animation more noticiable