Next you will see the conditions that you agree when you are using my work

✔ You can:

• Use my texture packs for videos and streams with or without credits

• Make edits, mashups or revamps of my textures only for private/personal use without distribution, commercialization or monetize

• Make reviews on videos, forums and websites leaving the credits at bottom, without changes of any of them:

Credits example:

• Name: (8x8) Rodrigo's Pack



• Name: (8x8) Smoube



• Name: (HD) Custom Sky



You can do all of this list without my consent ONLY if you follow the rules about what you can't do.

✘ You can't:

• Remix, edit or mashup my content to distribute, commercialize or monetize

• Upload my content to external/cloud storage links like MediaFire or MEGA (and others) to distribute

• Use my content to include them on mod packs or resource pack folders to distribute, commercialize or monetize

• Review my work on videos, forums and websites without any kind of credits as previously described

• Port my texture packs to another games versions like Minecraft Bedrock Edition or Minetest

Count of take down links:

Websites: 8 (last one)

Cloud storage: 42 (last one)

YouTube videos: 26


All the cloud storage links have been deleted by the same cloud company due to my copyright submission, same on YouTube with the videos. For websites the owners of them has been emailed. Please avoid those kinds of problems and follow the license.

Theses rules applies for all my works. If you want to talk to me about some of this, you can do it on contact 

Creative Commons:

Attribution, non commercial,

no derivatives (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)