So, who am I?

Hey, I'm Rodrigo Alfonso (aka Rodrigo Al.), 18yo, from Venezuela, and I do art & design stuff inside Minecraft


Since I started playing Minecraft in 2013, the first texture pack I used was Rexpress 8x8. I loved all 8x8 resource packs since then, so three years down the line, I tried to make my own 8x8 texture pack. That has lead us to what I am today. I've always found art interesting, but it was not my best attribute. Then, when I tried making the first version of Rodrigo's Pack 8x8, I came to the realization that I was combining my favorite game and another of my actual favorite things: edit

I really enjoyed making texture packs since then and seeing how the community starting support me on this


I have edited all my texture packs and covers with


Rodrigo Al.#5729




Rodrigo Al.