Help guide

If you're having troubles downloading the texture packs or without knowledge about how to install it


You may be redirected to Dropbox or CurseForge:

1) For Dropbox, your download will be directly, you won't need to do anything else

2) For CurseForge, wait 5 seconds and your download will start

In case your browser block the download, please try downloading it using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Firefox and others will block the download by default due to security permissions

In case your browser reach the file hosting (Dropbox) but it doesn't load, this is due to some DNS problems on your computer, you just need to restart your browser/PC so solve it

Texture pack installation

1) Copy the .zip (texture pack) downloaded

2) Go to Minecraft > Settings > Resource Packs

3) Click ''Open resource packs folder''

4) Paste the .zip (texture pack) into that folder

5) In-game, go back to the menu

6) Go again to Settings > Resource Packs

7) Move the texture pack on the list at right

8) Click ''Accept''

Add-on pack installation

1) Do the same texture pack installation steps with the add-ons you downloaded 

2) Put the add-ons above the main texture pack on the list at right

3) Click ''Accept''

You can have the amount of add-ons as you want, just add them on the list of texture packs at right